Alfa Romeo Giulia

I’ve always been a big fan Alfa Romeo, they seem to me to be one of the only brands out there that’s stuck to their roots, and followed their own road rather than just borrowing and copying styling cues from other brands that are popular at the time. So whenever they bring out a new car, I pay attention. To be honest I have felt they haven’t done much over the last decade, the Alfa Romeo GTĀ flopped, and they haven’t done much to rejuvenate the brand. Maybe they didn’t feel they needed to, but I think they may have done with the Alfa Romeo Giulia. I can’t comment on how the Giulia drives, I can only speculate, but usually when it comes to driving experience, you know you are in good hands with Alfa Romeo, despite them not being the most reliable cars in the world… But that’s a different story. The Giulia is nostalgic in that it features elements that have been with Alfa Romeo for as long as I can remember, yet it might be exactly what they need to make Alfa Romeo relevant again.